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Why We Do It

We believe in the value of arts education. Why? Because we witness that value spring to life every day in studio and classroom. Put simply, students immersed in the arts perform better in academics and in life.

Research documents the integral relationship between artistic engagement and academic performance. So while other schools strip arts from the school day we underwrite new, innovative after school and summer programs.

We work to provide the additional funds required to make these immersive experiences possible. With broad community support, Stivers provides life-defining experiences for its students.

Our belief is substantiated by the scholarships, honors, and the life achievements of our graduates. That’s why we do it.

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A sampling of Stivers School for the Arts

Stivers School for the Arts Jazz Orchestra with the Stivers School for the Arts Painters: The Stivers Jazz Orchestra, a national award-winning orchestra, performs with the Stivers Painters, who presents a painting performance inspired by the famous Girl before a Mirror by Pablo Picasso from 1932.